Interactive Seminars

These seminars are designed to be delivered to large groups of students, and will involve students discussing and expressing their ideas. The main pedagogy used in these seminars is inquiry-based learning. All seminars include a short information session to studying science at the University of Queensland (UQ). 

Interactive Seminar 1 - Pokemon™: Are they biologically possible?

The weird and whimsical world of Pokémon™ is filled with colourful animated characters, many of which draw inspiration from animals and plants of the natural world. Through a comparison of anatomy and physiology, students will be challenged to identify the living representatives of certain Pokémon™, to determine with they are biologically possible.


Concepts covered: applied physics, cell biology, applied ecology

Interactive Seminar 2 - Ecology in Australia: Problems, progress, prospects

Australia is a unique environment for ecologists: our flora and fauna are particularly susceptible to the effects of introduced species. Students will explore how certain invasive species have re-shaped ecosystems, how endemic wildlife respond to certain invasions, and what the research-focussed ecologists at UQ are doing to protect some of Australia’s most iconic animals.


Concepts covered: evolution, animal behaviour, invasion ecology, climate change biology


Interactive Seminar 3 - Working with Animals: From Wildlife Conservation to Veterinary Science

Injured animals have been brought into the UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital and are in urgent need of treatment. Your students will put their observation and analytical skills to the test in this scenario-based seminar, to prepare a diagnosis for the UQ veterinarians. In doing so, they will learn about how decisions directly impact animal performance and function. Finally, your students will help UQ veterinarians solve the mystery of unexplained foal abortions in a CSI-style activity.


This seminar is highly recommended for students who have expressed interest in working with animals, or undertaking animal science, wildlife science, veterinary technology, or veterinary science.


Concepts covered: animal biology, applied ecology, landscape management


Interactive Seminar 4 - Farm to Fork: Global Challenges in Agriculture and Food Production

How do we feed two billion people? This is an upcoming challenge for humanity, and we will need to produce twice as much, with twice as little. In addressing this challenge, we also need to improve the nutritional quality of our food, while curbing food wastage. In this seminar, your students will be challenged to look for innovative ways to solve current problems in agriculture and food production.


This seminar is highly recommended for students who have expressed interest in studying agricultural science, animal production, food science and nutrition, or dietetics.


Concepts covered: genetics, nutrition, applied ecology

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