Meet My Dogs

Meet Quicksilver, Starfire, and J.D.! Quicksilver (or Quickie, or Quickalicks) and Starfire (or Staffywaffy) are whippets. Quickie 'has papers'; she is a pedigree bred dog from a line of hunting fathers and mothers. As such, she feels very entitled and has an exaggerated sense of self worth. She is incredibly attention seeking and must always be first in line for everything: hugs, food treats, cuddles under the blanket, but not baths. Coincidentally, Starfire and Quicksilver were born on the same day to separate litters. Starfire was a runt bred out of a puppy farm (I suspect), so she never got a great head start in life. She is a versatile dog with special abilities: she can make a bed out of dirt and twigs, make food disappear instantly, collects pebbles, and sleeps with all fours pointing in the air. J.D. is a fox terrier, and his greatest nemesis is Quicksilver. J.D. enjoys killing snakes (a foxy trait), going ninja when he is needed, and has a great fondness of sneaking onto neighbouring properties to urinate on plants so as to kill them. We are very blessed to have our best friends, who we love unconditionally, and who love us unconditionally in return.  

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