Meet My Goldfish

As with most things, you can never stop at just one. Most of the residents at Gurion's Pets & Garden were hand-picked from the most reputable international farms to be part of my breeding projects. Some of these goldfish belong to close friends who have permanently checked in their fish in my 'goldfish hotel'.

Memphis, Mei-diya, Rosie

Giant Orandas are bred to attain a larger body size compared to standard Orandas. It typically takes 5 or more years for Giant Orandas to reach their full size. Memphis (male), Mei-diya (female), and Rosie (female) were imported from Thai Qian Hu Fish Farm, Thailand. They exhibit a butterfly-tail condition and swim gracefully. While this video shows them in their original pond, they now reside in a tank for all visitors to enjoy their beauty. Giant Orandas, and in fact most Orandas, are not predisposed to many health ailments, but in most cases they exhibit the masked (okame) condition and their wen growth can cause eyesight obstruction if left to grow over their eyes. As such, they will require professional wen trimming in their later years.

Feifei, Xiongmao & friends

Sadly, Feifei and Xiongmao passed on while I was away for work in Hong Kong. Yuan Bao Orandas are a newly developed breed of short-tail Oranda (typically by crossing Orandas with Ranchus) and entered the Australian market for the first time in 2016. They are a very involved breed and require much attention to water quality as they do not have the strongest immune systems and are particularly susceptible to infections of the wen. Yuan Bao literally translates to 'round baby', and is hence a very apt name to describe their rotund figures and bubbly personalities. It is also a translation for gold ingots, an ancient form of Chinese currency, so the Yuan Bao Orandas are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Chiyako & Hiro

They show off a very interesting tone of calico, studded with yellow and blue hues across their flanks. Their spectacular tails may look cumbersome but these provide my Shubunkins with greater-than-usual thrust. They are stunning as they dart across their tank, grabbing your attention with the flicker and flashes of their iridescent scales: this means they are hungry! Shubunkins are easy to care for and more tolerant to changes in water quality. They are peaceful fish but varieties that exhibit luxurious tail growth like Chiyako and Hiro should not be mixed with fin nippers (some goldfish nip fins!) or slow moving breeds. It is also this large extended tail that allows me to quickly diagnose how stressed they are: it is easy to tell if their tails flush pink (higher blood pressure) that they need some attention.

Cookie & Lucious

Demekins are short-tailed Ryukins that exhibit the telescope eye (or dragon eye) condition, but they have been well established enough to secure their own variety name. High quality Demekins showcase a high hump set and full, almost spherical bellies. Cookie and Lucious have been particularly cooperative in my breeding projects, and respond well to hand-spawning techniques (although they also do spawn naturally but with smaller clutch sizes). Demekins are a very robust breed that is not prone to health issues or swim bladder issues. In my experience, they do not seem to be able to produce as thick a slime coat as other breeds so some attention must be given to good water quality to prevent fungal or bacterial skin infections.

The Fatties

They were nicknamed 'the Fatties' by their owner Melissa Ting (of Melting Cupcakes), and these Japanese Ranchu must be my most well-fed residents. They all exhibit their own unique personality, and fortunately they get along with each other! Japanese Ranchu are not necessarily from Japan, they are often Japanese lines that have been bred elsewhere (like in Thailand) in order to provide the market with high quality Ranchu at more reasonable prices. Sometimes these are sold as Japan Ranchu, or Japan-style Ranchu. Like all goldfish with wen growth, the main ailments with this breed come from infections of the wen. They have spawned successfully for Melissa, and I am hopeful that they will produce exceptional offspring in the next breeding season. Sadly, one female has passed on.

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