My Poetry

For a friend, whose plant experienced a Hibiscus Flower Beetle infestation...

Your hibiscus bush is plagued,

By beetles black and shiny.

They feed on the flower buds,

And have made you go all whiny.


Such plants are so susceptible,

It couldn’t make any sense.

For man has emphasised their beauty,

At the expense of natural defence.


Behold the wonder of science,

Entomologists working hard.

A product to eliminate these pests,

Ready to use Searles Conguard.


Hold the nozzle toward the plant,

Spray liberally on leaves and buds.

The active ingredient imidacloprid,

Poisons the insect’s blood.


But there is much you should consider,

Before this extermination.

Do you want to damage the environment,

With pesticide contamination?


Our world is a beautiful place,

With creatures great and small.

Don’t let the greed of man,

Eradicate them all…

For a friend, in celebration of Star Wars Day...

Episode IX - The Force Reawakens

The heroic forces of the Resistance are no more,

The glimmer of hope has faded.

The influence of the First Order has spread,

Relentless and unpersuaded.

Star Destroyers patrol the planets,

Enforcing the law in all galaxies.

Resistance was futile for those who opposed,

Were left behind as forgotten casualties. 

Yet in the farthest reaches of space,

In uncharted territories that lay await.

A force unlike any other had reawakened,

Small but ready to set things straight. 

Thanking a friend who baked for the office...

The unmistakable dark, rich tones,

And aroma wafting through the air.

A dear friend has baked a cake,

With generosity and care.

When flour, egg, and butter combine,

A batter is formed that's just divine!

But add sinful chocolate to the mix,

The taste of bliss gets redefined!

A pleasant surprise for those of us,

Who got to enjoy a slice.

For it took us amidst our busy day,

To temporary paradise.

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